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All Stars the Movie is going slowly but it's going and that's the important part! So keep that in mind as new updates come in.


Okay, this weekend I decided to dish out All Stars the Movie in episode format, which means about 20-30 minutes of action per helping. I begin Episode 1 this December so wish me luck. The previews will be loaded as they become available.


  • Mario Team: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Mallow, and Geno are done.
  • Rescue Rangers: Chip and Dale. (More coming soon!)
  • Ronin Warriors: Ryo, Kento, Cye, Rowen, Sage, Anubis, Cale, Dais, and Sekhmet. All in subarmor only.
  • Sailor Scouts: Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, SubMoon, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto have been done as well as Tuxedo Mask.
  • Barbie: Barbie, and that's it for now since my scanner is busted.
  • My Little Pony: Sundance. I'll get to the others as soon as I get better information on their eye colors.
Currently I am planning on working on some more bad guys and extras for Episode 1.


  • The Donut Plains have been designed and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I'm sure you will be too.


(12/2) Scenes 6 through 11 are now up in the script section.
(11/20) Scene 5 is now up.
(11/3) I worked on the final showdown scene a little last week and I'm almost done. In the mean time I've uploaded the first four scenes and the introduction of the All Stars script in the Downloads section. Distribute freely but do not modify.
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